Studio Boardroom is situated in Iliffe Yard, part of the historic Pullen's estate. Originaly an estate of five yards and surrounding flats, only Iliffe yard, Peacock Yard and Clement's Yard remain. The estate was purpose built to provide workshop space for artisans in a wide variety of trades. 

paramount Set builders spreading out in iliffe yard, building a set in Studio Boardroom For Brad Pitts latest film 'Allied' to be released in November 2016.

In 1984 Jon Self moved in to 22b Iliffe Yard when setting up his set building business having worked for the set builder Malcolm Ryan from the mid seventies. Plying his trade for many years building room-sets in blackout studios for a number of photographers the industry shifted around the turn of the century to focus more on daylight photography and using locations instead of studios. The demand for sets dropped significantly and a sizeable stock of flats, staircases, windows, doors, flooring, shutters, mouldings, cornices etc. etc. became almost redundant. The commercial property values around Elephant & Castle were rising which was reflected in significant rent hikes demanded by Southwark Council who owned the Pullen's estate making the use of the property as a workshop unviable. In the process of clearing the property with a view to moving out it became apparent that the workshop was afforded good natural light suggesting the space could work as a photographic studio. A small workshop was retained to the rear of the building which allowed Jon Self to continue as a set builder whilst also managing the the studio. In 2016 after forty years in the business it was time to downsize the set building operation even further and to turn the remaining workshop space into a second studio which was completed in time for 2017.